5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

👻 Happy Halloween! 👻

To tell you the truth I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I know it’s the best time of the year for some people.
It’s also really hard sometimes to get your costume or to replicate makeup looks. Let’s be honest, it’s the ideal time for makeup artist/gurus show their skills, with really elaborate looks which are not easy to replicate unless you are a good makeup artist too or you know how to do Fx Makeup.

You don’t need to look more, here I show you 5 EASY looks you can replicate and with not much money.

Check out some of my choices I’ve seen in Pinterest below!


This is a really easy look, don’t you think?
You can elaborate a bit more, use some glitter or whatever instead of the dots for example, or grab red contact lenses to make your eyes scarier.
You’ll only need to do your skin a bit lighter, a REALLY black eyeshadow, fake eyelashes and a black eyeliner.
Be creative if you want it will always looks nice. And if you mess up , take that bit off with a cotton wipe, and redo the steps 🙂


Want easier?
Just do your regular red lip makeup look and then with the eyeliner do two triangles in the eye and with the lipstick two lines outside the lips to the cheekbone!
You can also put your hair into two ponytails!
This is the Harley Quinn easiest makeup look 😉


Natural skin and eye makeup: easy!
Dark lipstick may be a bit tricky but use a lipliner before using the lipstick it will be much easier!
The bats not so much BUT you can do a DIY Mold of bats, just print them, cut it and then place it where you want and apply eyeliner inside!
To make the look more interesting put some glitter into your lips to make it look like sparkly stars in the middle of the night!


This is the simplest of them all!
Just a detail into your makeup!
I know it requires you do an eyeliner but again if you have trouble just do a mold or a smoky eyeliner.
Use a red eyeliner or eye safe paint to make the devils tale!
This look is from Nikki Tutorials so check her video if you like to replicate it.


OMG Maria are you crazy? How the heck is this easy???
Calm down!! You only need to again do your skin as you usually do, use a burgundy lipstick with a glossy effect, a black eyeshadow all over the lid, AND… do multiple lines on top of your eye area (be careful with your eyeballs you don’t want to get an actual injury just for Halloween ahaha)

You can also grab a mask with a similar effect but to be honest it is really easy to do you can almost ask a baby to just do it!


And ta-daa! Nice and easy!
So tell me, do you like Halloween? What will your costume be?

Disclaimer: Iv’e found the makeup looks in Pinterest so besides Nikki’s I don’t know who created them and if they even have a tutorial for it. Credits for all of them (and if you know who did it please tell me to credit them specifically too!)


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