#Decoration Bedroom Makeover Haul #1

Remember my Decoration Bedroom Makeover Inspirations 2018 post?? Well I JUST BOUGHT THE FIRST 3 ITEMS!

This is a really long journey, because first it’s hard to decide exactly what I want to do, then I need to wait for sales or promotions for the things I really want and lastly I need the money to buy it.
And believe me it’s not that cheap to makeover a bedroom from scratch!

The items I chose to buy first are things I really needed for a long time besides the makeover!
I know I should have started with the basic: clean, paint, let it dry; and then buy the furniture but as I said, this ones were not for yesterday, they were for “5-years-ago-day”. So here we go!

Check out what those items are below!

Bedroom Makeover 2018 Haul #1


Sommier SPAZIO XTRA – White from Conforama

Price: 299,00€ (on sale)

As I told you before, I really wanted a Sommier! One that had lot of space inside, so I searched for one that had the most space. If you don’t know Sommiers are really expensive so I needed one that wasn’t that expensive but still good quality. * thank god for sales! *
I also wanted a 140×190 bed which is big enough for one person + a cat (lol) and would still fit my bedroom while being between the wall and my “office” area.
I bought white because I want to brighten up the space and.. it’s really pretty haha. I chose the “polipele” version which is basically kinda leather imitation so it would be easier to clean and I’m really tired of woods stuff to be honest!

It took around 1 month to arrive but to be fair, they warned it wasn’t available plus I didn’t pay for shipping because in their website if something is 299€ or more you won’t pay (bedroom stuff).

P.s: I searched other places that actually had sommiers with similar price and were available but the shipping would be at least 20€ and it wouldn’t have much space inside.


Bionic Sense Mattress from Molaflex

Price: 429€ (on sale)

One of the most important things right now was a mattress! I had the same one for so many years I’m even ashamed of telling you how many.. I wasn’t sleeping properly, my body ached.. a total mess!
I searched for mattresses in a local shop because I needed to feel it and “say yes to the mattress” basically.
I didn’t know what to buy nor what is good or not. My family said Molaflex and Picolin are usually good brands but they’re also expensive.
That store only had Molaflex and lucky for me it is 50% sale on everything!
To tell you the truth my budget was 500€ for both bed and mattress but this one really “spoke to me”. As soon as I seated in it I was like “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!”.
I don’t like hard ones and this one was the softer of them all. It’s one of those you lay down or seat in it and it absorbs your body, it keeps your posture good in any position and it helps with blood circulation which is amazing!
It was also the best mattress 2016 according to customers choice.

It also took almost a month to arrive because they didn’t have the size I wanted in stock and I also didn’t pay for shipping!


Percal Sheets (top and bottom) from Zara Home
Top Price: 9,99€ (on sale)
Bottom Price: 12,99€ (on sale)

Ok so, a bed without sheets is impossible right?
I had sheets from my parents bed, but my mattress is 28cm in height so the sheets wouldn’t fit!
I needed to buy them ASAP and I really wanted the elastic bottom sheets because somehow I CANNOT KEEP NORMAL ONES IN PLACE! (I’ve tried knots, I’ve tried everything believe me…) Also I wanted either white or grey and in percal because my mother said it’s the best type quality/price.
So I was out of budget already and I went to search for more sales (obviously) and I tried laredoute.pt because they had 50% sale with 13% extra coupon, so it would be even better but when I was about to buy them they didn’t have that extra anymore and  the percal was worse quality than the ones in Zara.
The problem with Zara was the sizing/color. They didn’t have white and the colors I wanted didn’t have the exact same size both top and bottom.
In one hand I had the bottom for my mattress size ( btw do not buy the 135/140cm if you have a 140 with 28cm mattress, it fits but it’s a bit too tight) but on the other hand I would only have a huge top sheet (because sales lol). I didn’t mind the top one being big but it was more expensive.
I ordered online so the shipping was 2,99€ and it arrived in 2/3 days.

So this were my first items! I wanted to mention that both bed and mattress are quite high which makes this bed higher than usual, if that annoys you I would recommend you buy others!

I really wanted to get the paint but I think I’ll have to buy more furniture first because the ones I want are in sale and it ends really soon!
We’ll see what I buy next in my next post right?

What do you think of my items?


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