#Decoration Bedroom Makeover IKEA Haul

If you’re following my #Decoration bedroom makeover series you knew I would have to go to IKEA

IKEA has lots of simple and cute, functional furniture not to mention they have nice cheap prices and quality enough for what it is!
I had to go there obviously but I was already wanting some stuff from them for years now.. it was time to buy it!

Check out some of my choices below!

Bedroom Makeover IKEA Haul


MALM Chest of 4 drawers – White
Price: 69,99€

I’ve told you I need a lot of storage! So I bought two haha!
They have a 6 drawer but it was too wide, and a 3 drawer chest too but I thought I may need this one and I’m still not sure it’s enough or not #hoarder
I’ts a clean simple style which I really like and has running drawers which is a must!

Total Price: 139,98€


SKRUVSTA Swivel Chair -Ysane White
Price: 99,00€

I’ve been wanting this chair at least since 2012!
At the time I didn’t work so I couldn’t buy it, meanwhile I was hoping it would lower the price (it was the only color that was more expensive – 109€) and it did!
I needed a comfortable chair that didn’t had the back part too high, so I’m able to watch TV Shows from my bed and not having it covering the screen… ahaha
I also needed the wheels to move around easily and not make much noise plus the adjustable height so I can sit properly!


SAMLA Box 39x28x14cm  /11L Transparent
Price: 2,00€

Told you I needed storage right? I also need organization, the 4 drawer chest is nice but I needed something to organize the smaller stuff like underwear and socks plus other shenanigans there and in other parts of the room.
I saw this ones which are transparent and simple so not much to love or hate, they do the trick plus if needed there’s fitting lids to buy (I didn’t).
I also bought other boxes which I’ll show in a second but I saw these and thought” I will need them anyway, and maybe for the drawers” and that’s why I bought this size. Fits perfectly!
I bought two just in case, but I’ll probably buy more and in other sizes later!

Total Price: 4,00€ 


SKUBB Box set of 6 – White
Price: 7,00€

This were the other boxes I bought!
When I went there they had the chest with this boxes displayed and I thought that this would work fine (I wanted to buy like wired boxes or something in rose gold or gold but they’re expensive and probably would’t find the size I needed to fit in the drawers).
The only problem I’ve found with this is 6 aren’t enough to complete a drawer which is what I wanted, maybe with another of the smaller boxes it would fit.
The brighter side is works fine, I can buy more sets or individual in other sizes or with compartments and they have a zipper below so I can also storage them easily if I don’t need them anymore!

I will need to buy more of these that’s for sure!


FYLLEN Laundry Basket – white
Price: 8,00€

I’ve been using laundry baskets for a few years (no I didn’t use them before… don’t judge!) I bought mine at Ebay at the time because I wanted a really cheap one. That isn’t always the best thing to do.
Don’t get me wrong, it worked fine, but I couldn’t choose the color because it was random and it was a bit weak so it broke fast…
I really like the wooden ones but since I have cats it would get destroyed fast! I also liked the wired base with the bag on top but it would probably fall easily and it would occupy a lot of space.
I’ve found this one which is perfect, It has wire around it to keep it straight but I can also fold it into a plate size and secure it with the Velcro thing so it stays in place and stored properly without using much space. It’s a bit big for one person laundry but I don’t mind it because it’s similar to how much clothes/space the washing machine supports.


VIVAN Curtains 1 pair – White
Price: 9,99€

To be honest I really like light to come into the room. I don’t have sunlight for long in my bedroom so I have the blind open as much as I can.
Until now I’ve always had thick and heavy blockout curtains and I really really hated them, I used to always have them to the side.
I wanted to have curtains because it looks really cozy so I decided to buy the lightest sheerest but still nice curtains I could find. Hello IKEA curtains!
They sell them by the pair and for 10€ they are a really good find! they also have them in other colors if you like!
I also saw a old rose color but they were not the same and costed a lot more, I may buy them in the future for those days I want the room more girlish but for now this are perfect!


FEJKA Artificial Potted Indoor Succulent
Price: 1,00€

I love plants, specially as a decoration. I do not like to garden though..
It’s hard because every plant needs different things, plus bugs, and don’t get me started with cats and plants..(dirt everywhere, pots on the floor.. a mess!)

I decided to buy artificial ones! Perfect! But which ones to buy?
I didn’t want to commit so I went and found the simpler and smaller one I could find, here it is!
And it is so cheap!
I will buy more but maybe as a last decor!


SINNLLIG Scented Candle in Glass – Apple and Pear
Price: 1,75€

I love candles!
I couldn’t come home without buying one!
I don’t have a specific reason to buy this scent, I just smelled it and grabbed it, it’s not my favorite but I like it still.
I’m not doing a decor in green in specific I really jut like candles ahahah
It wasn’t too expensive, but I’m not sure if the scent lasts long or not I haven’t used it yet (I may be sick this is not normal ahah)
It says it lasts 25h we will see!


So FOR NOW this is it ahah. I already bought other stuff but I think those are better to show it when I’m done decorating so stay tuned!

Total Spent: 272,72€

Store: www.ikea.com
SHIPPING: I went there myself and I brought it home and build it alone, but you can order online and go there or have them ship it to you and build it. Everything has a different price you can check it here.

Disclaimer: This were all products I bought and none of it is sponsored. All images I used are copyright from IKEA.


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