#Decoration Bedroom Makeover Inspirations 2018

I’m going to do a Bedroom Makeover! 

I’ve been planing this for such a long time you have no idea!
I spent most of my day in my room, it’s where I sleep, it’s where I watch my movies, it’s where I do my makeup and it’s where I work!
So you can imagine the goal is to have a nice place where I can feel good all day, either working or relaxing.

Where I can feel I’m in a vacation hotel room, or in a business meeting too.

I’m not sure how I’m going to do my “business” part of the bedroom but I’ll do another post about it later.

 Check out my inspiration  below! 







So changing my bedroom is not easy to do, specially when you have lots of things to store, or that you use everyday but want to keep clean at the same time..
Some of the problems were:

  • Lack of light: My house doesn’t really get lots of natural light inside, even tho it has a great view and you can see light outside. To change that I need more lighting and brightening colors such as white, grey and pastel colors. And maybe also a big mirror
  • Color Palette: I’m sick and tired of all white, or yellowish whites in houses, so I went with really pale grey for the main color. It can be boring but it’s a neutral color so I can color the room anytime I want with paintings, bed sheets, and so on. Also I want to use more coppery/gold/silver metals instead of wood but for now what I have in wood I’ll paint it in white.
  • Storage: I need lots of store to put things, but I don’t have much space  so I decided the best would be furniture I can use for storage and other things to like a Sommier!
  • Bed placement & size: I’m one of those people that needs lots of space while sleeping plus cats that love to go sleep with me, I opted for a 190*140 bed size which is not too small nor too big, and because I don’t have a width bedroom, I also need it to stay next to the wall which is great because I can use that to double the bed into a sofa and watch some Netflix & Chill!
  • Closet: I. AM. THE. WORST. WITH. CLOTHING. STORAGE. I need it to be fast and easy, right now I’m not sure what I’ll go with but I’m thinking of a open closet.
  • Bedside Table: I don’t really have one now, but I have a “I hate it furniture” where I can put things if I need to that’s going to get out of here asap! I thought okay, a normal bedside table maybe? Double function again! I’m either using one that I can storage underwear and socks or one that I can put all my fluffy blankets!

I think those problems are kinda solved even tho I want kind of a minimalist decor!

What do you think?
If you have some recommendations for my “problems” feel free to comment below or send me a DM at the Blog Instagram account @miaschoiceblogger



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    1. Também eu!
      Mas para já vou-me contentar só com o quarto xD
      E mesmo assimmm a ver se consigo por tal como quero eheh


  1. Gostei imenso das tuas inspirações. Adoro camas grandes também e no meu quarto (como é pequeno) tenho sempre de arranjar forma a que dê para arrumar o máximo de coisas possíveis. A próxima cama que comprarei é daquelas que levanta o estrato e conseguimos arrumar coisas por baixo (dá imenso jeito quando mudamos as roupas nas diferentes estações). Beijinho

    1. Oh obrigada 🙂
      Eheh pois por isso é que disse que queria um sommier (dessas camas que falaste)
      Olha aproveita épocas de saldos então porque esse tipo de camas é caríssimo 🙁

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