#Discover: Cloak & Dagger TV Series 2008

This week on #Discover I want to talk about a new series called Cloak & Dagger.
A Marvel Comic about two teenagers that acquired superpowers while falling in love.
From an incident that made the two lose family member to the discover of their powers and trying to save the city from a bad event.
Cloak & Dagger has a 7.0 IMDb rating, in my opinion is a great TV Show but can also have some weird situations that make it a bit confusing to understand if you didn’t read the comics already.
So far I liked the series but I’m hoping it evolves a little more just like in the last episodes.
The first season is already out.  Here’s the Trailer:

Have you seen it yet?
What do you think about it?

Tell me some of your recent discoveries in the comments below.


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