#Foodspiration Mini Fit Cakes Recipe

Mini Fit Cakes

  • 400ml egg whites
  • 16 leveled tablespoons of instant flavored oatmeal
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • stevia (ONLY IF NEEDED)
  • toppings

Important: This quantity is for my cake, but you can do small ones, only one or duplicate the recipe. The base is for each 50ml of egg whites, 4 tablespoons (not full) and the teaspoon of baking powder (whatever the size you make).

  1. Whisk the egg whites, put the powders and fold it (video below) until it’s well mixed.
  2. Put a baking sheet onto the pan you will use (doesn’t need to be greased, but you can do it still).
  3. Pour the mix and put it in the oven at 180-200ºC until done (depends on the quantity you make, to check if it is done use a toothpick if nothing comes out in it then it’s done)
  4. Take it out and cut it into 8 pieces just like a brownie.


Pro Tips:
  • You can use whatever you want to mix in the cake mix, for example, almonds, coconut flakes, chocolate (…) but avoid using frozen things or things that may “pour” a bit of liquids while cooking. If so, it will take way longer to cook and you should use a bit more oats to balance the mixture texture. 
  • You can do it on the microwave, just like a mug cake with this recipe, I would recommend you put the power to 400w and do it for one minute, stop it, put a dark chocolate square in the middle and cook for another 1 minute. No need to whisk the eggs because it will rise but right after the microwave stops it will get down. The chocolate in the middle helps it stay “higher”. It will get a bit drier more pudding texture.
  • You can also use no flavored oats, and change some of the tablespoons for protein powder or cinnamon. 
  • You can eat it like that or use peanut butter or other “fatty healthier” butter or chocolate to use as a filling or topping or do a protein powder cream with a bit of water (put water slowly until it gets the consistency you want). You can also use some coconut flakes or other things like that. (example below)
  •   The cake last for about a week so you can do multiple, if you want a more “fresh” out of the oven cake, you only need to microwave it for 10 to 20s in the max power.
  •  Be careful, if you take the cake before it’s done, and then you put it again in the oven it will get the non cooked egg whites in the bottom of the pan just like if you boiled it.


This is legit a healthy cake you can eat everyday! And depending on what “toppings” you use, you can even make it as a birthday cake! Just choose the best oatmeal flavor or just regular oats and flavorings, lemon, cinnamon… Just make sure you eat the recommended portion for yourself and you’re good to go!


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