I bought a Foreo Luna Go – Part One

OMG  I bought a Foreo Luna Go!

And yes I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’m trying to focus more on my instagram @itsmariaribeiro so you may want to go check it out 🙂

Now onto the important thing here: The Foreo Luna Go!
Let me first tell you how I got to know the foreo brushes, I follow a portuguese influencer called Jael Correia on instagram from (Coquette à Portuguesa’s blog) and she’s been talking about it for a long time, and showing other people that bought after her recommendation. And no it’s not just a trendy thing she actually gives her honest opinion and has actually a really high knowledge of skincare.
So, after I watched so many people’s feedback to her that bought it I decided to buy one to! I asked her what she would recommend since I was still skeptical and from the price range she told me the Luna go would be best and here’s why:

Foreo Luna Go


Price: 99€

The Luna Go is a smaller on the go Foreo Cleaning brush.
It has soft silicone touchpoints that combined with  T-Sonic  Pulsations remove 99,5% of dirt , oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells.

It also has 4 different skin types for you to choose, and since my skin is a combination I bought this specific one so it wouldn’t be too agressive for my dry pacthes but also strong enough to clean my clogged oily pores.


It also has a anti-aging massage mode.
It works in a lower pulsation frequency to be used onto the wrinkle-prone areas (and for my perception also to help natural contour the face but yey, that’s me saying and not them!)

And yes,  that hole right there? It’s for you to be able to charge it, up to 60 uses every charge! And it only takes an hour to fully charge… amazing right? That’s the best between the lower priced Foreo Brushes, the other ones are either use limited or you have to change batteries every few uses!

And do not worry it’s waterproof! You can take it to the shower and clean your face there!


There’s also a light indicator for you to know when it is on, when it’s paused between modes and when it’s running low in battery and when it is fully charged and charging!
Because it is over 50€this brush has free shipping if you buy it from their website (you can also find it in other local stores or even Sephora, but if you’re living in a UE country then there’s no need for that unless they offer something else!) it only takes 2 to 3 days arriving! In my case I bought it on a Sunday, they sent it on a Tuesday and it arrived TUESDAY! Yes same day!
There’s also another benefits like when registering your first product receiving a voucher for your next purchase or you can also try to find a cupon like I did..
IT COSTED ME ONLY 74,25€ and I had also a 5% money back reward all because of Honey Gold 


It has a 2 year warranty and a 10 year Quality Warranty, and this is really important I’ll tell you why!
I’m a really unlucky person and yes you guessed it, I received a deffected product..
My Foreo didn’t charge in 1 hour, or at least the light indicator said it didn’t! I charged it for like 6 hours or so and it didn’t show the steady light, it did after like 3 hours but it started blinking again after 10 seconds or less. Also before I triede to charge it it would stop working between modes . I tried using it after that 6h charge and it was working fine, I tried charge it again and it still didnt work the light.
I made a story in my instagram asking if anyone knew if it was normal for the first charge, mentioning both Foreo_Portugal official instagram and Jael (that I mentioned above). She said it wasn’t a normal behavior but Foreo_Portugal said it was (and to be honest I thought they were a bit rude.. like a “duhhhhhh it’s charged” kinda answer…) SO…
I contacted official international Foreo customer care and yeah it is NOT a normal behavior!
The person answering me is called Rea and it’s the most amazing customer care I’ve ever EVER had! Seriously she explained everything so detailed, every freaking step from Claiming the Warranty to How to package for the return.. amazing!
She was also really patient since because it still worked I was in doubt if I should sent it or not because it still worked? At least for the tries I made after the first charge problem situation, but it may stop at anytime since there’s no way to know if it really charged well or not.
She took care of everything for the return, from contacting DHL to come get it to explain every step and also preparing to send me another one. And this is fast a week And no I didn’t pay anything!

I’m now waiting for DHL to arrive since they’re coming today to pick it up!
I will tell you how this ended and also if it worked or not in the next part of the post so be tuned! Hopefully it will be really soon!



Here’s the Foreo Luna Go – part two post on what happened after, if the brush works and what’s my final opinion!
Also feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions 🙂 Just click here to go to my instagram @itsmariaribeiro, there’s an highlight there about Foreo too!

Website: https://www.foreo.com/
SHIPPING: free for orders over 50€

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, I wish …


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  1. Conseguiste resolver esta situação? Acho que estou com o mesmo problema :(.
    Tens o contacto da Rea?

    Beijinho 🙂

    1. Olá querida, sim consegui resolver a situação! Já devia ter feito a 2ª parte do post, mas tenho andado um ocupada :\
      Eu vi que me seguiste no instagram, vou te responder por lá para ser mais fácil 🙂

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