I bought a Foreo Luna Go – Part Two

Check out part one of “I bought a Foreo Luna Go” here!

And yes I know I haven’t posted in a while AGAIN, I’ve been a bit busy, also my skin has been a bit reactive not sure why (definetely not the brush fault! I think it has to do with hormones!)

Now onto the important thing here: The Foreo Luna Go WARRANTY AFTERMATH (or just part two)!
As you can see in the first part of this post , I had a bit of a problem with my Foreo Luna Go!

Foreo Luna Go After Warranty


Price: 99€

I sent the Foreo to the warranty via DHL, it arrived next day there and in 3 days they replied me back saying they would send a new one plus another email with blablabla info about the delivery blablabla. It arrived at 18th February which was a Monday so it was quite fast, I would say about a week from the return to the new delivery.
I replied back telling them I’ve received it and here what surprised me.

They replied with:

I would also like to inform you that we found out the following information regarding Luna Go: This particular device is designed in such a way that the light blinks while charging, and then once it has finished charging the light turns off and lies dormant for ten minutes. After these ten minutes, the light once again continues to blink, even while the device is fully charged. Saying this, if similar thing occurs, do not worry this time 🙂

This worried me a bit, “found out”? Shouldn’t the brand know how the device works?
Anyway mine didn’t lay dorment for ten minutes, but instead it stayed with the light on for 10 seconds and it blinked again which I believe “it’s similar” to what they described..
It’s not the same is it? Shouldn’t a product be “this works like this” instead of “this works like this but also may worked like that”.
Also I’ve received lots of people complaining, one in particular she bought one defective like mine, they sent another that also was defective (wtf?) and then they sent another, apparently is working so far!
Also keep in mind they say it lasts “60 uses”, those 60 uses are 30 cleaning mode and 30 anti-age mode, which also should be mentioned!! Also my new one never charged in 1h, it always takes 2h to show the steady light…

The one they sent me still doesn’t do those 30 each mode uses, it does like 22ish? And it also doesn’t show the warning light until 3 seconds before it shuts down…
For the price point this particular issue disappoints me a lot..I would not buy it again, I recommend to buy the play ones if you want a smaller device..

With this said, I still LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this brush, it does wonders to my skin! And I still love Rea she continues to be an amazing person and a great customer carer!
I just wished they knew more about their product or fixed the multiple “how it works” designs or took care of the problem once and for all…

Now onto the next part you want to know: DOES IT WORK?

Foreo Luna Go: Yay or Nay?


It’s a YAY, Foreo’s work!

(no I didnt altered the image, it looks blurry  because of the zoom .. I’ve been using it regularly, so I don’t have such a bad skin anymore, the before was before using the foreo both modes, and the after , after that use only)

This particular one I wouldn’t say its worth the price but definitely works! 
My skin had lots of huge pores, blackheads, hormonal acne (which this doesn’t do much about it obviously), it’s oily and flaky (combination skin).
It doesn’t give me more flakes and it helps balance the oily parts.
If you use it regularly it even makes it have a nice natural glow (not oil) and also feels and looks like baby skin!
About the anti-age mode, I guess it helps maintaining a tight skin, I wouldn’t say it helps get rid of fine lines, maybe it helped a bit but I don’t have many yet so for now I’m using as a prevention and contour/detox my skin (hopefully making my double chin less double!)


I think you need to keep in mind that the brush doesn’t do the work alone, you should definitely have a good diet, drink lots of water, change your sheets often and A GOOD SKINCARE ROUTINE/ appropriate products for you specifically.

Again I like the brush a lot but I won’t buy this model again for 99€ (75€ with discounts!).
Also getting a bit disapointed with their team, how can you send someone a defective brush again? How can you not tell the things how they actually work or improve the bad things you have in this one?
At least lower the price! A LOT!!
It makes me a bit mad because this brush has lots of potential but it seems like they just care about the bigger versions that cost a lot more..
Lets hope they make a Luna Go 2 soon!


So what was your experience so far with Foreo Brushes? Did you have similar problems with this model or others?
Tell me all about it!

Website: https://www.foreo.com/
SHIPPING: free for orders over 50€

Disclaimer: This is still NOT a sponsored post.


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