#NewIn Basic Wallet 136367 from Parfois

My wallet got way to old 🙁

I had an Ebay super cheap wallet really simple but it got too old and the zipper stopped working..
Instead of replacing the zipper (which would cost more than the actual wallet) I decided to either buy another one there or in a store here.

The Ebay one would be way cheaper but it would also take longer to arrive and I needed one ASAP. Also it would probably get old way sooner (worth for the money!)

I decided to look for some in online stores because it’s easier for me and takes way less time then actually go to every store and look for one that I would like.
It had to be the way I like wallets and it had to be simple and kinda cheap.
So I found it.
The Parfois Basic Wallet!

Basic Wallet (136367) from Parfois 


Price: 12,99€ – 15,99€

As you can see they’re pretty cheap, the only one that’s 15,99€ it’s the white one (reptile), which I didn’t want because white gets dirty really easily!

The other 6 colors are all 12,99€, basic with golden details.

Wallet details:

  • Main Material: 100%Polyurethane
  • Lining: 100%Polyester
  • Measurements cm: 21.1×3.3×10.6 (LxHxW)

So let’s talk about the color I choose and the details of what made me buy it.




As I told you above I really like big wallets but not too big so they can fit easily in a small bag but also hold my phone inside if I need to.
This size is perfect for that plus it has that card side which is kinda gives more space to put bigger things like the phone.

Another thing I needed was the zipper. I like to keep my things safe but also be able to be quick when I need to get something from there. A zipper outside and also for the coins.
I also needed cards and bill pockets. I didn’t need the see-through card pocket but it doesn’t really bother me specially in this color.

Speaking of color, I chose the camel!
I was really torn between this one, the black and the Silver one because they’re basic and they don’t have such a color contrast in that see-through pocket if I left it empty. So I went to see them in the store.
The store from my city only had camel and black and I still was really torn. I decided to go for this one because it works fine with whatever handbag I choose. I know the black one is a basic too but I’m not sure it would look good with my camel handbags because it would get the vibe too dark

Still I will probably go back and buy the back one too mwahahah


It has some cute gold details but it’s still a solid simple color which was an important thing for me.



It does have the Parfois logo but I don’t mind it at all I think it’s really sleek and looks great without stealling the show!

It does also have that reptile kinda texture but it’s so small you barely notice it.
So far I’ve been liking it a lot, the zippers work fine and you can feel it’s nice quality materials.


Shipping: I did buy mine at the store here but you can buy it online! It doesn’t take long and in my opinion it’s not too expensive at least in my country. Also you can buy it online (so you have all exclusive products and every colors) and send it to the store and pick it up there.

Which one would you choose?
Tell me what kind of wallets do you like in the comments below!

Website: www.parfois.com

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. All images are from Parfois website  <- Copyrights Parfois.


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