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A few years ago I went to Expocosmética and I was surprised with a gift from Mesh Jewelry as you can see in this post!

IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! Seriously I loved my necklace so much I’ve been using it everyday since, as you can see in my post here.

Because I loved it I started following Mesh Jewelry Facebook Page , I knew right away I was going to buy from them and so I did!

They sell 925 sterling silver jewelry which for me was amazing since I’m allergic to common earrings!
I really wanted to buy some for my ear piercings but I was always scared of not liking them as much together (I have 5, 3 in one ear and 2 in the other so I wanted to make a set).
I needed some really small and others a bit more like a normal size earring because I really love this style.

And I found the ones!

Mesh Jewelry Haul


Even the boxes are pretty and unique! Damn!
Anyway, now to what it really matters, what I bought!

I bought 3 pairs of earrings because I have 5 holes

  • ARG0018HSSP Silver Little Hoops Sparkle Simple
    This are the bigger ones, they’re really pretty and they have more similar to this one but a little more detailed!
    They also have them in gold!
    I really think they make the set! They’re not too big not too “in your face” but they give “the boom” to any look!
    They have a “click” method of locking them so they don’t have that annoying piece at the back that sometimes fell!Price: 23,00€



  • ARG009MJ Silver Zircon Half Hoops
    This I Use as the middle ones, they’re a bit smaller but they still have a few details that make them unique!
    You can wear them normally or both in the same ear and they would still look good!
    They’re only half Hoops so you need to be careful where you have your hole because they may be a bit too small to give the illusion of going around the ear lobe!
    They also have them in goldPrice: 22,00€



  • BRI0003P Silver Earrings
    This are the smallest ones, and I was so confused on what to buy you have no idea! They have lots of small earrings and they’re all so cute!!
    I decided to buy the shinny ones because I thought they would be the ones that looked better in this set.
    I’m not usually a “shinny” things user but I really love this ones! They’re NOT too shinny, they’re actually pretty wearable!Price: 14,00€



So yes I also bought a necklace (COL0011 Silver Necklace Balance), it wasn’t for me but I love it still! It’s the same size as mine from the other post I mentioned above! Super simple but the perfect piece for everyday looks!
Also in gold and rose gold! And it costed 18,00€


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Total Price: 77,00€

This is the 3 hole set, the other ear it’s the same but without the bigger one!
I really love how it all came along!!

As you may have noticed I didn’t pay shipping, that’s because in orders above 59€ you don’t pay for shipping! Plus it arrives in 3 days (I received mine in half a day!!!) and it’s payed when you receive it.

You can also order online and go to the stores get them (they just opened a new one today YEY!) OR just go to the store yourself ahah!

Either way they’re really nice, so I’m sure you’ll like not only their work but also them. Seriously! They actually showed me everything in detailed new pictures with every color and suggestions. AMAZING WORK!

This are their info if you want to check them out:

Mesh Jewelry

Phone: 22 322 4278
Email: geral@meshjewellery.pt
Instagram: @mesh:jewellery

Store Addresses:

  • Rua Ramalho Ortigão nº 48
    Porto, Portugal 4000-407
  • Largo de S.Domingos , 102
    Porto, Portugal 4050-253


Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, I really love them!


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