#NewIn Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood Interior Parfum – Rituals

I’ve never talked about Rituals before, but I’ve been a fan for a while now.

They have skincare and house products that are usually pretty good, they’re inspired by the Asian Culture which as you may already know by now, I LOVE! They’re also inspired in the person well being so each “ritual” collection is meant to make you feel better, relaxed and overall happy!
That’s what brought them to this specific collection “Happy Buddha”.

I bought a specific product of that collection, because first: I’ve never tried it and second: because I really like scents around the house, from candles to Parfums.

Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood Interior Parfum – Rituals


Happy Buddha Interior Parfum 500ml – Rituals
Price: 25,00€

The Happy Buddha scent was enhanced this year. Before it used to be a fresh orange & cedar scent that could be a bit overwhelming, now it’s a bit sweeter and warmer which makes it more suitable for home scents in my opinion. Both of them were good but this new one for me it’s just perfect!
One splash of this is super intense and spreads really nicely, it also lasts long so you’ll have a nice scent on your house  all day long!
Okay, so before you say “THAT’S SO EXPENSIVE” It’s not!!
I mean yes it costs more than a common big candle but it also lasts way longer!
To me it’s worth it, even tho I love candles (they also have this scent candle here) .. maybe I’ll combine both!


I haven’t tried the other scents, only the Samurai Collection, which my brother uses, and I also love it but tbh it’s more of a man scent.
I will try more scents, do you have any recommendations?

Website: www.rituals.com
About Rituals: www.rituals.com/pt-pt/about-rituals.html
SHIPPING: You can buy it at the store or online, if you do it online there’s free shipping for orders over 20€, to know more about it please check Rituals shipping info page here.

Disclaimer: This is NOT sponsored post.


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