#Review Silicone Makeup Sponge from A’pieu

Are you a sponge user?

I wasn’t, but then I saw a video from Edward Avila talking about a silicone sponge from another brand (post soon!) and I was shook! I wanted to buy it but as you know, Korean brands are quite hard to get outside of South Korea..plus it’s usually expensive!

Until I talked about it and someone told me to try the Silicone Sponge from A’pieu, that was less expensive (at least from Ebay)



Silicone Sponge – A´pieu


As you can see, this sponge comes with a bag to keep it clean on your makeup bag and also a place to hold your fingers. Now this is good because you can apply makeup as it was with your hands, so you can feel your face better!



The sponge is really smooth in every way you can imagine, but it’s not soft enough to be hard to use it in your face.

You can use it with most makeup products from liquid to powder, but I would recommend to use more of a creamy texture because that’s what it was made for!  I’ve been mostly using it to apply my skincare routine, from tonics to creams, you should still be careful and apply the liquids directly to the face!

Being made of silicone obviously has it’s pros. I’ve already told you about the smoothness, the multipurpose but now I’m going to tell you one of the most important ones: it doesn’t absorb product and it’s super easy to clean!


But it doesn’t end here…





Beauty Blender VS Silicone Sponge 

Yes! You saw it right!

It’s the same foundation (a bit darker for you too be able to see the results), the A’pieu sponge appears to have way more coverage than the beauty blender (not original)! That’s due to the silicone sponge not absorbing the products but also because it improves the skin absorption instead!

This helps you achieve a perfect skin and use less product!
Yes it wont take out the bumps, as you can see I have a few on my skin but no foundation or concealer will take that out, but it will make your pores seem smaller and your complexion uniform!


Only cons: It can be tricky to get to your under eye smaller areas at first, and it may feel like things take longer to o blend – that’s just because the sponge isn’t absorbing 75% of your product as others do, so your skin has to take 75% more time absorbing it itself.. or just use less product 🙂


Price: 4,65€

Seller: iamlove-shop


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