#Wishlist Wholesale7 Summer 2018

Another wishlist? Hell yeah, this time it’s Wholesale7

One of the things I like most about this stores are: super pretty stuff and cheap!

You can find lot’s of styles and lots of sizes and prices and even itens sometimes you can’t find near you.
Some of the products I choose this time are harder to find here somehow even tho they’re common products. Sometimes is one small detail that makes the difference.
Other times is the vibes you want to go with, because it has way too much flowers or is way to bright way too dark… or you want a maxi instead of a above the knee dress with the same pattern.. I’m telling you, you’ll probably find them here!

See what I choose this time below!

Wholesale7 Summer 2018 Wishlist


Casual Round Toe Woman White Shoes
Price: 9,50€

I’ve been looking for low cut white sneakers that are really simple and go well with almost everything , I always find some kind of detail I don’t like, or they’re too high or too low… this ones are perfect! Plus really cheap too!
I want them to pair with maxi dresses because I have a hard time finding sandals that don’t hurt my feet so this is a great comfortable option!


Euro Style Floral Printing Long Beach Dresses
Price: 11,90€

You may have seen a dress similar before BUT I’m telling you the cut makes all the difference here! It’s still a maxi dress but it makes it interesting without showing too much, plus it also let’s you wear it with anything from heels to sneakers because it will always look good and ready for summer!


New Arrival Floral Backless Long Dresses
Price: 11,20€

I know it’s kinda the same vibe as the previous one but it shows a bit more and the pattern and colors are way different. I would probably wear it more for a night summer party again with whatever shoe I wanted. Also the V cut is perfect for a simple gold necklace to transform the look from casual to formal don’t you think?


Euro Hot Sale Fashion Letter Loose Tshirt
Price: 5,10€

I’m usually not a tshirt girl, but I’m going to say if it’s simple and it’s loose, I’m going to go for it! I really like small phrases simple tshirts, it goes with everything! For example you can wear it like the model in the picture or you can throw a more formal blazer on top and it gives another vibe! Specially white tshirts are my fav!


Summer Off Shoulder Bat Sleeve Loose Tshirt
Price: 7,00€

Yes another white simple tshirt with a quote so what? This has a different vibe too! Bat sleeves, off the shoulder and that neck detail! Those kind of tshirts that look great in a casual looks or fitness looks.
I really like the gold detail, I think it works really well don’t you think?
Also white makes it perfect for the summer, so you can show off your tan!


All of them look good with the sneakers in my opinion and that’s part of why I like them so much!
What’s your favorite product?

Website: www.wholesale7.net
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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but those are my real favorite long sleeve items!


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